Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

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Global sourcing strategies for your enterprise

Global sourcing for business and IT services has become a critical component of an enterprise wide sourcing strategy. Benefits of offshore/near-shore business are poised to have an even greater impact now more than ever. The ongoing quest for specific skills, such as core systems, or newer and more disruptive systems, for differentiation and innovation, are demanding newer, scarcer skills.

Over the years, we have successfully executed various assignments across the globe. We have a team of specialist consultants to service the true needs of each of our clients. We believe in maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients and candidates, in order to provide right talent at the right time.

An enterprise sourcing strategy may include outsourcing, in-house teams or using shared services to accomplish objectives. A structured approach to evaluate and select suitable locations is also critical for success. Every location has different demand drivers and risk potential, as well as other factors that can impact offshore / near-shore operations. Good understanding of these factors will enable sourcing executives to take informed decisions and calculated risks.

Global Sourcing is a specialist service that has been developed to address the needs of global businesses looking at employing and mandates to deliver through an expert consultant team, which focusses only on such assignments. With our research driven methodology, strong linkages within the global talent pool and our sourcing skills, we would be in a position to add significant value to your hiring process.

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